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Competency assessments, Reassessments, and 5% supervision



5% Supervision



5% Supervision

BACB 4th Edition

BACB 5th Edition

Administrative Steps 

1. Send via zelle a $100.00 deposit that could be included as part of your package if you start supervision with us.

2. I will send you our contract (basically similar at the one on the Board website) and  a client form to fill.

3. Please sign the contract and send it back to us to sign it  and then we will send it back to you, and we both will keep a  copy

4. If you have another supervisor at your agency, I may need his/her signature that it is ok that we discuss your cases or make videos, we may need a consent and a video authorization from client or guardian ..

5. Payment will be requested  before any meeting via zelle.

6. The maximum amount per month could be 6.5 hours of supervision if you work 130 hours a month, The minimum 1 hour a month if you complete 20 hours a month.

7. All the time that your supervisor dedicates to you counts as supervision (contact meetings, video observations, review of unrestricted activities, etc)

8. We can assign you unrestricted tasks if requested.

9. Please schedule yourself and upload videos and assignment in a timely manner

10. We can analyze telehealth sessions as well.


You can rest assured that with


  • ​we are loyal to the BACB Experience Standards and Ethics

  • you will have a supported individualized experience 

we hope that keep in mind that


  • respect the BACB Experience Standards and Ethics

  • obtain signed consent forms from each client

  • will be available at scheduled meetings

  • will submit your deposit and payment 48 hours before the scheduled meetings

Some important information/tips
Check & Review

5th edition fieldwork checklist and tip sheet

BCBA eligibility requirements

The Fifth edition task list

The ethical code

Transition guidelines from the 4th to the 5th

- You will need to complete 2000 hours of field work, and have 5% of those hours supervised (100 hours).

- You can complete at least 20 hours per month and up to 130 hours per month of fieldwork.

- The time of the fieldwork can not exceed 5 years.

- You can accumulate up to 40% direct work with clients(restricted) the rest 60% is unrestricted hours.

- We will need to meet  at least once a week, and at least observe you with a client once a week (could be synchronous or asynchronous).

- We will fill forms at each meeting and I will send you feedback of each video or report reviewed.

- Every supervision session must be documented as well as any time I will spend reviewing Unrestricted activities.

- Every month I will sign the supervision form and give you a copy on pdf.

It is your responsibility to fill the field tracker and send me a copy on a monthly basis to check it with our forms and logs.


Group Plan

  • Three 60-minute Group Meetings 

  •        » Tasks assigned to discuss during meetings

  • ♦ 3.5 Individual Hours

  •        » 2 60-minute video observations

  •        » 2 45-minute meetings

Groups of 2+

For people who are working in a group/community or planning on taking courses together.

Fill out the form below

Group Interest Form

Individual Plan

For people who are interested in working in a group but does not plan on working with other BCBA candidates.

Fill out the form below

Group Interest Form


Client Sheet

*Please submit your nonrefundable deposits and send us your signed client info sheet 


Documenting Fieldwork Hours

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