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We complete Functional assessment, Functional analysis and Behavior Support plan development. 


Assessment of Problem Behavior

We help individuals with problem behavior, and work with them to gain a better understanding of their behavior and how they work. We then create programs that teaches them more age appropriate behaviors and how to function.

Writing on a Notebook

Development of Individualized Behavioral Plans

Everyone is unique and have different needs. Discuss with our trained staff and behavioral therapists about the observations and analysis they have obtained. Through our team, we can work together to provide programs and activities suited for you, your child, or your family.

Children Jumping on Trampoline

Social Skills

We aim to help people improve their social skills through engagement, connection, and interaction in activities with other peers.

Happy Children

Verbal Behavior

We teach communication skills to children who have difficulties speaking, have communication disorders, delays in language, and non-vocal individuals.

Girls Talking

Toilet Training

We help children understand how to use the toilet and go through their morning hygienic routine. We also accommodate for children with frequent accidents, bladder and bowel issues.


Food Selectivity

We offer a program that aims to assist in improving the diet of children who are food selective, refuses food, and have a limited diet to enable them to independently establish a wider variety of foods in their meals.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Sleeping Habits

Sleep is an important factor in your life! We offer programs that aim to assist in improving and maintaining a healthy appropriate sleep pattern and habits, and teach people the importance of sleep and restoration.

Baby Sleeping

Adaptive/Daily Living Skills

We provide services that teach individuals how to actively function day to day so they are able to take care of themselves.
How to actively present and guide themselves through society's daily life, and how to take care of themselves.

Children Tying Their Shoes

Preacademic/Academic Skills

We help to prepare individuals with or without disabilities for academic settings and establish general skills in order to successfully achieve academic and creative growth.

Doing Homework

Tutoring Services

We can assist in tutoring your child in academic studies that they have difficulty with. Anything ranging from Mathematics, Science, and English.

Studying in Garden

Parent Training

We provide services and training for parents to help them achieve a better understanding of needs and responsibilities to benefit their child's wellbeing and safety.

Image by Kelli McClintock

Train to be a registered behavior technician! Through the training provided we aim to inform and create more individuals that can assist in behavior analysis and our mission.

Students Taking Exams

Staff and teacher training in order to improve our services and ensure that the children are getting the best and most effective education, procedures, and programs there is. It

Smiling Teacher

Continue Education is required for maintaining BACB certification. Courses and programs are available to everyone wanting to expand their understanding of behavior analysis.

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Creating an Individualized Education Program helps to understand a client's strengths and weaknesses in order to successfully formulate a plan in order to help them improve and succeed in school.

A Supportive Therapist

Our services are available for schools and educational institutions. With our programs and training, we can collaborate to make the classroom a more understanding environment and improve behavior of individualized students.

Home School

Discover and understand possible strategies that could help decrease the likelihood of problematic behaviors and habits. Find our offers, plans, and packages. 

School Days
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