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Food Selectivity

Selective Eating

We offer a program that aims to assist in improving the diet of children who are food selective, refuses food, and have a limited diet to enable them to independently establish a wider variety of foods in their meals. We assess the selectivity and teach them to eat a variety of foods. We also assess and design individualized treatment protocols. We follow steps and procedures to slowly expose different food tastes and textures to the child.

Assisting your child in food selectivity:

1. Setting a meal schedule - increases child's appetite and motivation in eating

2. Repeated presentation of small tastes and textures in small pieces 

3. Stimulus fading, which often involves making gradual increases in the bite size of new foods being introduced.

4. Reassuring and positive reinforcement for new foods and mealtime manners accepted and retained

5. Planned ignoring of child inappropriate mealtime behavior, which involves providing as little attention as possible to the child’s disruptive or unwanted behavior during mealtimes.

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