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PBT At Home

During these unprecedented times that we are currently in traveling is not really a great option. Most Americans are trying to ensure the safety of their family and that is why we have developed a new way for you and your loved ones to still get the treatment they need. Setting up appointments in the comfort of your own home is something that our staff at PBT has developed and taken pride in. Even if there may be some doubts, here are three benefits to setting up online appointments at home.

  1. Natural Environment

When a child has behavioral delays, it is best to help teach them skills or new behaviors that can help improve their quality of life. Some new behaviors a child could learn would be a morning routine, a night routine, and even a mealtime routine. By teaching a child these new skills in an environment that is familiar to them it will help make teaching new and important skills much easier. We will help you remotely with how to establish these routines.

2. Parents get Involved

Having a parent/guardian in a session with their child and an ABA provider is very beneficial for them. During online sessions that parents/guardians are able to participate in the session and play a role in teaching their child new behavioral skills. Watching the ABA provider teach their child how to develop skills will be much more effective than just being told what to do. Also, being connected during a session can allow for open communication between the parent/guardian and the ABA service provider. Parents will be able to ask questions and receive clear instruction that will help them play a big role in their child's development. We will support you during the whole process of Behavioral services (Assessment, Treatment, Monitoring, etc)

3. Child Activities

When a session is held at home the child has all their favorite games and toys at their house which can give the ABA provider an opportunity to do a wide variety of activities that the child will like. This can also be a good opportunity for the ABA provider to teach the child new specific play skills by using the toys the child likes the most. We can teach you through parent training 1:1 how to teach your child communication, socialization, coping skills, and more.

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