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How To Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarten allows your child to learn and practice the essential social, emotional, problem-solving, and study skills they will use throughout their educational career. Although Kindergarten teaches your child all these things it is also essential to have them prepared for Kindergarten themselves. Here are 7 easy steps to help prepare your child for the start of their educational career.

  1. Help them to develop independence at home. Encourage your child to dress by themselves, use the bathroom without assistance and wash their hands without constant reminders. These skills will give them their own sense of responsibility.

  2. Focus on self-help skills. Your child should know how to wipe their face after lunch, brush their teeth before and after bed, and brush their hair. Be sure they are also comfortable asking an adult for help when necessary.

  3. Teach responsibility. Start transferring small responsibilities over to your child, if you haven’t already. After a family trip to the pool, you might put your child in charge of emptying the backpack, refilling the water bottles, or hanging up their wet swimsuit. Even when it may be easier for you to complete these tasks, let them accept the responsibility.

  4. Develop and follow routines. Set up morning routines that will transfer into a school setting. Getting up around the same time every day, getting dressed, and having an early breakfast together is a great way to transition to school.

  5. Read aloud to your child. Get your child a library card, take them to the library to check out books, and be sure to read to your child every day. Read a variety of books.

  6. Engage them in meaningful literacy activities. Encourage your child to help you with thank you cards, shopping lists, or notes. They may start with scribbles or pictures, move into scattered letters, and finally some recognizable words as they enter school. Appreciate their attempts and watch their skills develop with practice.

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