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ABA & Earth Sustainibility

Behavioral Analysis and environmental sustainability have a lot more in common than you might think. In our world today there are behavior analysts carrying out studies in sustainability and working with experts and policy workers to improve sustainable practices in many areas. Behavior analysts remind us that certain human behaviors can cause serious damage to the environment and threaten the future of our planet. Behavioral analysts rose to the challenge and created applications of behavioral analysis to protect the environment. When it comes to discussing the climate crisis with others here are 6 simple steps that can be taken to raise awareness of the climate crisis:

  1. Know your Audience: In order to be effective, you must be able to adjust your terminology. When talking to other behavioral analysts it is best to use behavioral terms. When it comes to talking to a group of people who are not knowledgeable about behavioral analysis it is best to use normal terminology.

  2. Be Specific: Talk about specific local problems that are in your community and explain the direct positive consequences that will occur if you take action. When it comes to people who know little to nothing about climate change all you have to do is convince and explain to them that what you are advocating for is right. An example would be introducing a composting center in a community which will reduce the amount of trash in landfills and will lead to fewer carbon emissions.

  3. Focus on Target Behaviors: Many activists work on raising awareness and while they have good intentions behind them it is better to act than to know. Many individuals need their behavior to be modified to avoid using unsustainable practices which is something experts in this field are adept at doing.

  4. Always be Encouraging: Reinforcing sustainable behavior whenever you can have a positive outcome and encourage that individual to keep carrying out that behavior. It is important to not be the reason why someone's sustainable behavior decreases

  5. Embrace how Easy it is to Change: Many people feel pessimistic or helpless in the discussion of climate change but by providing real-life solutions that produce beneficial outcomes we can provide that individual and many others hope to inspire and act with others as well. There are a lot of people who want positive changes to come to their community, all they need is a little push and a driving reason to get started.

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